Our Services

We provide LNG supply solutions and we develop integrated power solutions for islands.

Clean energy solutions – LNG sourcing & marketing – Power generation services

We offer the following services and products

  • Electricity Generation for resorts, hotels, manufacturing facilities, aquaculture sector, etc.
  • Island power solutions and systems
  • Development of small-scale LNG solutions (ssLNG)
  • Natural gas power plant design and installation
  • Turnkey LNG supply solutions
  • LNG marketing & trading
  • Supply chain optimisation
  • Downstream market development
  • LNG transportation & logistics
  • LNG storage solutions for islands
  • Cryogenic Tank Containers for LNG (for rent or for sale)
  • Vaporizers (Regas system)
  • Gas generators (gensets)
  • LNG cylinders
  • LNG mobile refuelling stations
  • Floating solar systems and solar panels
  • etc.

LNG Virtual Pipeline for islands – How it Works

In order for our group to implement a tailored turnkey LNG supply solution (LNG virtual pipeline) in an island, the following are components are required: Import license, a Port or harbor that accepts dangerous goods, a crane for the handling of the LNG containers and a standard 40ft container trucks to move the product to the end user site.

All other downstream equipment can be provided through our group including the ISO tank containers, the gas generators, the onsite regas system, etc. A training will also be provided to the local team. Our group can also arrange for the handling & operation, design and installation of the power plant, etc.

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