About us

We provide cleaner energy and turnkey power solutions for the islands.

We are a LNG and energy marketing company. We specialize in the entire small-scale liquefied natural gas (ssLNG) value chain and we connect supply with demand. We develop with our partners integrated LNG supply solutions and power solutions for the islands in Asia and accross the world. Our group excels in downstream market development, LNG marketing and electricity generation for the islands and remote areas where there is a need for reliable & efficient power solutions.

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We develop cleaner, flexible and cost-effective power solutions for islands.

From sourcing, transportation, logistic, storage and regasification, we arrange tailored and flexible solutions in order to meet all customers needs on the islands.

Working with strategic partners and local collaborators in different markets allow us to leverage resources, extend our reach to different islands and ensure that the solutions we help to implement are economical, and sustainable for the island and the communities.

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Island LNG.comĀ is an affiliate ofCanada LNG Group.